How do you measure values?

Values are measured through the science of axiology. Axiology is a formal science that can mathematically deduce with great precision the thinking patterns of an individual to determine their value system. It is the study of values. Comparatively, a field of study such as psychology is based on observing behaviour and looking to draw conclusions. Axiology is deductive, Psychology is inductive.

Axiology studies human beings from the perspective of their values, and believes that by studying how human beings are motivated by their values that you can tell a great deal about what drives people in the decisions they make and the actions they take. Dr. Robert S. Hartman was a philosopher, professor, and business professional who pioneered the science of values (”axiology”) as a field of study. Hartman’s work in the science of values serves as a tool for understanding human character.

What does the Judgment Index Measure?

The Judgment Index assessment is the online version of the Hartman Value Profile (HVP). The tool for assessing and placing metrics around judgment created by Dr. Robert S. Hartman Ph.D., in the early 1960s. The HVP as gained substantial attention in both workforce selection and development. The tool does provide numbers, and the predictive value of these numbers is impressive. It gives accurate insight, produces measurable results and provokes important conversations.


The JI is a measure of one’s capacity to make judgements about the world and about one’s self. Judgement is a critical part of decision making, problem solving and interacting with one’s environment. The JI Model defines the individual’s value structure consisting of three dimensions, people (relational judgement), tasks (tactical judgement) and big picture (strategic judgement).


The JI assessment asks the individual to rank order each of the 18 value statements from high to low value. Each of the value statements has 9 evaluation combinations producing a corresponding score. These combinations create the 70 plus indicator patterns that are used to identify the work and personal strengths or areas in need of development.

The Reports

With over 70 different individual and group reports available, the Judgment Index reports provide insight into business practices such as management, customer relations, employment, hiring, training, coaching, promoting, re-assigning, and retaining employees.

Judgement Index Australia trains coaches, HR professionals and managers in understanding the common uses and benefits in three main categories;


Reports used by hiring managers to reduce turnover, reduce risk of injury and improve time to hire


Individual reports used by accredited coaches and professionals to support performance and development, identify leaders and improve wellbeing and engagement


Individual reports used by accredited coaches and professionals to support performance and development, identify leaders and improve wellbeing and engagement


Group reports used by accredited coaches to establish a baseline and measure outcomes, have timely access to objective data and enhance leadership decisions

Why are values important when to hiring great people?

The typical assessment when hiring candidates is a psychometric or personality profile. This is good for working out the type of role someone would suit, however does it assist in knowing what decisions someone will make on a daily basis? For instance, when you start the day, you choose to do some things and not do other. The reason why you make certain choices is based on your system of thought. An axiology assessment measures an individual’s clarity of thought and what value the individual places on certain choices in relation to others.

For example, you can use the General Judgement and Safety report to identify how a candidate will perform in job safety. In addition to 13 other factors, the General Judgement and Safety report measures the capacity of a person to pay attention to directions, to follow directions with accuracy, and to respect the importance of directions. Stronger scores reveal a tendency to pay attention to instructions and explanations about how a process is to be accomplished safely and accurately.

Why is judgement important in developing or coaching others?

Understanding how people judge the “worth” of objects (including one’s own self) and the patterns we use to make comparative or evaluative judgments about everything in our experience can significantly impact overall success.

Having the ability to understand how someone thinks, acts and behaves increases the chance of engagement, successful change and understanding strengths or blind spots to enhance self-awareness.

Utilising the 40 page Personal Narrative report and Blue Diamond score sheet, an accredited JI coach can carefully study and review of this report with an individual to see how they deal with what life throws at them. Enabling and understanding of strengths as areas they should begin to trust and rely upon when needed. And then review the areas of improvement or further strengthening. Understanding self and what areas can be developed or worked on can significantly impact overall success in both work and personal accomplishments along with improving interaction and relationships with others.

How do data decisions create confident and authentic leaders?

While intuition can provide a hunch or spark that starts you down a particular path, it’s through data that you verify, understand, and quantify. Being able to make quick and informed decisions will enhance any leader and organisation. People trust when you are genuine and authentic. Having reliable data can assist in solidifying the decision that needs to be made and thus assist others in processing the outcome or strategy. Not only can a leader find out their own values, strengths and blind spots through the Judgement Index, they can also review groups of individuals across any of the individual reports available to compare averages, high performers or engagement trends.


Performance or a successful outcome is driven from leadership, communication, strategy, drive and results. Having a companywide or team report like the engagement index can take a snap shot in time to assist with a change strategy. Having the correct data can enhance the success of that change or decision for the change. Then providing a quick and reliable measure and review of the outcome.

Do I need training to understand the reports?

We have easy to understand reports used for recruitment that do not require accreditation. These reports have easy to understand tables and visuals with definitions. Some reports come with interview questions for hiring managers to explore the validity of their recruitment decision.

For the reports that are used for development, group data or leadership, they require accreditation to be able to interpret and provide useful guidance and advice to the individual.

JI Australia has a 2 day course developed to accommodate coaches, recruiters, human resource professionals, management consultants, and business owners. Our Judgment Index Affiliate Training has been approved for ICF Continuing Coach Education and ICF Resource Development credits  detailed here on our ICF CCE credits page.


Following successful completion of the training you will be an accredited coach, able to generate and manage all your reports independently online and for approved partners there will be an option to apply for re-seller status with Judgment Index Australia, to enable integration of the value-based reports in learning and development programs and HRMS / LMS platforms.  See our accreditation page for more information.

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How does it work?

People click on the customised link and instructions sent to them to via email or a system to complete the assessment, taking 10 – 20 minutes to complete. They rank statements which formulate decisions to make a pattern.

The reports can be sent as a PDF to an email, system or direct to a consultant within seconds of the assessment being completed.  Depending on the report selected it will indicate how someone will;

  • handle stress
  • make effective decisions
  • deal with a difficult situation
  • show care and compassion
  • follow directions
  • cope with change
  • remain focused
  • want to be managed
  • lead or supervise others
  • think strategically
  • get frustrated and much more

Accredited coaches or HR teams can also login to the company portal to access the report or select the profile of the individual to group or pull different reports using the same assessment or compare different candidates. There is no need to ask someone to complete the assessment again or complete multiple assessments to obtain different reports.

To get the best quality outcome, it is crucial to have; competent skills sets plus competent processes plus good information enhanced by good judgement.


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