So you’re telling me you can actually measure judgement?

The Judgment Index™ Assessment measures a person’s value systems and capacity for good judgement.  Our values define who we are.  Our value system is the lens through which we view the world, formulate choices, and make decisions. Our value system evolves throughout our lives and is manifested in the way we assess and evaluate; the way we size up situations; the way we solve problems;  and ultimately in the way we navigate our course of action. It is influenced by every event, experience, and person who touches our lives. Our customised reports and coaching tools allows a person’s value system and capacity for good judgement to be measured, monitored, and subsequently, strengthened.

How does the Judgment Index work?

The Judgment Index is an online assessment that takes around 20 minutes to complete. The candidate ranks two sets of eighteen statements from best to worst, based on their own unique personal values. There is no right or wrong answer. Once the candidate submits the assessment the mathematical algorithm, which has been developed over decades of research, creates a report based on your needs.

Reports are available within minutes of completion.

How certain are the results? Can people cheat on the Judgment Index?

Because of the sophisticated, abstract nature of the words used in the Judgment Index, it is very difficult for the candidate to ‘game’ the results. The phrases give little away as to a desired order and ranking and this forces the individual to reflect on their own values and beliefs to complete the assessment. The assessment works in a way that it does not ask the individual what they think of themselves, it simply just asks them to think. The assessment also has inbuilt validity indicators that suggest a retake, if necessary.

What benefit will the Judgment Index bring to my organisation?

The Judgment Index can be used to save organisations millions of dollars through a variety of performance related strategies. Good judgement greatly strengthens the outcome for success in the same way that poor judgement will weaken even the best of skill sets and intelligence. To get the best quality outcome, it is crucial to have competent skills sets plus competent processes plus good information enhanced by good judgement. Results that current clients have reported include:

  • Significant reduction in turnover
  • Improvements in staff satisfaction
  • Increased sales
  • Improved care levels for caring organisations
  • Industry Award recognition

Does the Judgment Index discriminate against any particular group of people?

As it is based on values, the assessment does not consider race, religion, gender, disability or age.

Can Judgment Index be integrated with our third party HR system?

Yes, we can interface with systems through our API. Your provider would need to get in contact with us to discuss integration to meet your specifications. This would be at your own cost. The reports are also produced as a PDF to be saved against applicant or employee files.

What makes the Judgment Index different from other similar tests such as Myers Briggs or an IQ test?

To get the best quality outcome, it is crucial to have competent skills sets plus competent processes plus good information enhanced by good judgement. The Judgment Index allows you to measure a person’s value systems and capacity for good judgement. This links to how they behave, think and act. Values include things like honesty, service, self-respect, respect for others, and success. 

Some people score exceptionally well on an IQ test and are
extremely book smart, yet have little common sense or wisdom. The overwhelming majority of profiling tools used today are personality profiles. These types of assessment tools suggest that certain personality types or character traits will result in certain kinds of competency (or lack thereof). In fact, people are able to overcome very real personality traits and perform their work in an excellent fashion. Personality profiles are simply not a sufficient predictor of performance.

How do we get started with the tool?

If the Judgment Index™ is something you are interested in for your organisation, we suggest you get in contact with us to schedule a meeting. We suggest a meeting so that we can develop a better understanding of your requirements from the Judgment Index and the priority purpose for applying it to your organisation, team, or individual.

Understanding the user experience is important when analysing results, therefore we suggest you take the test yourself, which also allows you to understand the difference between other assessment tools and the accuracy of the results.

You can choose whether you want to implement the assessment on a project basis or a subscription basis for the entire organisation.

The assessment is also used across through our re-seller network. To enquire how you could sell or use the JI within your service, please email

What ongoing training and support do you provide?

Depending on your needs and use of the assessment, we offer group training, leadership coaching, awareness sessions for managers and support through our online portal for accredited JI consultants.