ICF Continuing Coach Education and Resource Development

Our Judgment Index Affiliate Training has been approved for ICF Continuing Coach Education (CCE) and ICF Resource Development credits.

The Judgment Index is a values based assessment that measures one’s judgment capacity to meet the judgment demand in the workplace. It is used heavily in hiring, development, leadership, wellness, risk management & safety, employee engagement among others. Yes, we put specific measures around one’s judgment capacity.

We offer 140+ hours of CCE and ICF Resource Development credits:

  • 40 Hours is awarded for successfully completing our JI Training Academy. (21 Hours Synchronous Learning, 19 Hours Asynchronous Learning)
  • Over 100 Hours (ICF Resource Development) are awarded through our Learning Management System and Webinar Training programs*. (*Training Academy required to be eligible for Webinar Training programs)

Judgment Index Training Academy: 40 CCE Hours

JI Training Academy Classes are held three times a year:

Learning Management System: 6 ICF Resource Development Hours Per Course

Access LMS system here.

Course topics below:

  1. Improving Systemic Judgment
  2. Dealing with Difficult People
  3. Improving Noticing Capacity
  4. Improving Work/Life Balance
  5. Managing Stress
  6. Dealing with Frustration
  7. Developing Positive Self-Esteem

Please review our website and use this link for additional information relating to earning CCE hours. http://judgmentindex.com/accreditation-training/

Many thanks and we hope to hear from you in the near term regarding our JI Training Academy.