The Judgment Index Australia is committed to empowering organisations

Recruit the best people, develop a strong team and cultivate inspirational leaders for a thriving business environment.

“Every choice is an exercise in judgement.”

– Ron Oltmanns

The Judgment Index™ measures the capacity for good judgement based on the values people hold about themselves and the world.

Ones values drive judgement.

Our value system is the lens through which we view the world, formulate choices, and make decisions. Our value system evolves throughout our lives and is manifested in the way we assess and evaluate; the way we size up situations; the way we solve problems; and ultimately in the way we navigate our course of action. It is influenced by every event, experience, and person who touches our lives. Every human is different.

Our customised reports and coaching tools allows a person’s value system and capacity for good judgement to be measured, monitored, and subsequently, strengthened. It has been used extensively in Australia, US and UK, helping companies reduce turnover, prevent injuries and develop their teams into high performing entities.

Recruit 1

Reports used by hiring managers to reduce turnover, risk of injury and improve time to hire

Reduce Turnover

A potential employee can have all the right attributes on paper, but it’s almost or impossible to get a full picture of their judgement capabilities from a resume interview, which will be crucial in how valuable they prove to be to your organization. Seeing beyond qualifications, experience, understanding the values and decision-making capabilities of candidates. These require a different type of insight that has traditionally been very difficult to previously measure.

Equally important is the retention of staff that adds real value to your operations. Through identifying those staff members who possess may be stressed, unfulfilled, under-appreciated and, crucially, restless, you can ensure your business retains the lifeblood it needs to succeed.


Reduce Risk of Injury

Workplace injuries are estimated to cost $60 billion per year in Australia with most injuries caused by human error, including failure to follow processes or safety recommendations.

Through ongoing research and development we have identified specific factors which increase a person’s risk of having an accident in the workplace. This information can be utilised to develop customised safety training programs for at-risk staff or pro-active management through the current recruitment process to identify potential applicants who may be more of a risk to your company.

With the Judgment Index™ it is possible to identify those who are at a higher risk of a workplace accident and can be used to measure both current and potential employees.


Improve Time to Hire

Successful recruitment and retention is not just about identifying what skill sets, qualifications or experience a potential or existing employee has on paper. That is important but beyond this, it’s about how you can get an insight into other equally important factors such as judgment under pressure, decision making, common sense, and other previously un-measurable key characteristics.
Having the Judgment Index assessment sent to the candidate on shortlisting after reviewing their skills and experiences will reduce the manager’s time in interviewing candidates who might not display the values of the organisation or might not suit the environment of the role. If the hiring manager decides to interview to review further, then some pre-hiring reports come with tailored questions around lower scores. The assessment only takes 10-20 minutes to complete and it is online, also making it an enjoyable user experience.
Develop 2
Individual reports used by accredited coaches and professionals to enhance performance and development, identify leaders and improve wellbeing and engagement

Enhance Performance and Development

Working with current or planned performance management, coaching, mentoring or development programs, the Judgement Index reports can enhance the program by providing objective insight into the individual’s strengths and areas of improvement. Individualising the approach to performance and on-boarding of an individual. Providing the Personal Narrative report during on boarding increases engagement, improves self-awareness and helps individuals work on areas of development as well as increases their confidence in their strengths. It is also a great way for the direct manager to understand how to work with their new employee, setting them up to succeed and be their best self.

In addition to coaching and development, the mentoring report assists organisations in matching a mentee and mentor together, remove the randomized approach and providing value.


Identify Leaders

Recruitment and succession planning can be challenging for employers and human resource professionals – especially when it comes to finding someone for a leadership role. It is easy for candidates to look attractive on paper, however their leadership capabilities are extremely difficult to determine at this stage of recruitment. The Judgment Index allows HR departments to scientifically determine whether a candidate will be able to successfully lead a team by identifying their values and capacity for good judgement. The tool also allows a HR department to determine whether the candidate may have the potential to develop leadership skills and move into a leadership role in the future. As a result, more positions than ever are being filled with the right people.


Improve Wellbeing and Engagement

We offer tailored health and wellness reports which can be used in conjunction with your current wellbeing programs or services to avoid a one size fits all approach. Our reports can also be used before and after specific programs to check effectiveness and improvement at an individual, as well as company level. Reports include resilience, stress intensity and a wellness report covering eight management areas, work-life balance and personal wellness.

Group Reports used by accredited coaches to establish a baseline and measure outcomes, have timely access to objective data and enhance leadership decisions.

*each of the team reports need to have the individual reports purchased

Establish baseline and measure outcomes

Basically the way we see it, if you can measure it, you can improve it. The Judgement Index will allow you and employees in the organisation to see where strengths lie and which areas need work and improvement. The team reports provide averages, strengths and comparisons. The data can be used to benchmark high performers or review the areas of development or improvements at the start of a change management program.

Performance or a successful outcome is driven from leadership, communication, strategy, drive and results. Having a companywide or team report like the engagement index can take a snap shot in time to assist with a change strategy. Having the correct data can enhance the success of that change or decision for the change. Then providing a quick and reliable measure and review of the outcome.


Enhance leadership decisions

While intuition can provide a hunch or spark that starts you down a particular path, it’s through data that you verify, understand, and quantify. Being able to make quick and informed decisions will enhance any leader and organisation. People trust when you are genuine and authentic. Having reliable data can assist in solidifying the decision that needs to be made and thus assist others handling change. Not only can a leader find out their own values, strengths and blind spots through the Judgement Index, they can also review groups of individuals across any of the individual reports available to compare averages, high performers or engagement trends.


Timely access to objective data

With how fast the world is changing, leaders need access to information that is quick and objective. Information from 360 reviews, satisfaction surveys and interviews can be useful for direct feedback, however not all employees will be truthful in their response at risk of losing their job, or worse it creates a negative atmosphere with management and company culture taking a hit. This approach can also be time-consuming and costly. The Judgement Index reports can provide company-wide and team reports within 20 minutes of completing the assessment. Asking individuals to rank statements, it is not asking to answer questions. The information is objective and focusing on strengths of an individual, organisation and or group to work collectively now having a baseline to work from.