Measuring, Building and Strengthening Good Judgement

Finally, a judgement and values based assessment for Australian businesses. Brought to Australia in 2012, we have been refining and trialing our reports for the Australian market ever since to provide you with the most reliable and role specific reports available. We believe in providing comprehensive personal, organisational and team analysis reports to assist in making better decisions leading to enhanced productivity and well-being.

The Judgment Index™ measures the capacity for good judgement based on the values people hold about themselves and the world.

The Judgment Index™ assessment has been used extensively in the US and UK, helping companies reduce turnover, prevent injuries and develop their teams into high performing entities. It is also currently being used by employers, recruiters and personal coaches through our re-seller and consultant network to really understand how an individual “sees” the world, which helps them to tailor coaching programs, training and find the right fit for a job.

We know that good decision-making skills are the key to success for everyone, no matter what their role or education. For the desired outcomes to be met in a business setting you need your decision makers to firstly have the training and knowledge that is required then secondly to be able to put this into practice when it comes to crunch time.

The difference between the Judgment Index™ and other assessments

In terms of user experience, there are a few things that set the Judgment Index apart from other assessment tools:

  • The Judgment Index™ is a true measure of values
  • The Judgment Index™ is not a self-reporting tool, therefore it is near impossible to ‘game’ the result
  • It is not time consuming as it only takes around 10-20 minutes to complete
  • It’s different! Being asked to rank seemingly abstract statements into an order is a new experience for most and the majority of users report it to be a pleasant experience
  • It’s just one assessment with multiple uses, we do not have different assessments for different roles or requirements
  • It measures a person’s value system and judgement capacity – not their personality
  • You can benchmark new hires against top performers
  • Personalise your approach to training, recruitment and coaching