After an Injury The Judgment Index Return to Work report can help you to:

  • Identify psychosocial barriers which may impact a persons capacity to successfully return to work
  • Have meaningful conversations early in the rehabilitation process
  • Identify who may get ‘stuck’ in returning to work and who may be unlikely to return to work without significant support and development
  • Assist the injured worker to understand their own values and how these may positively or negatively impact the return to work process

In addition to our tailored reports, our consultants can work with you to build customised intervention programs to provide a structured self-development program to support the return to work (RTW) rehabilitation.

The challenge in returning to work is discovering what is really happening behind the injury. Most injured workers themselves focus on the physical side of the injury and may be unable to accurately verbalise psychosocial barriers they are facing in a return to work situation.

The injured worker can often get ‘stuck’ in the RTW process, which is not only frustrating for themselves but also to the insurers, employers and the rehabilitation team, with no obvious solution to be able to help move the injured worker forward.

The Judgment Index™ is a quick and generally enjoyable assessment, which offers clear insight to the treating team as well as the injured worker regarding psychosocial barriers which, if left unaddressed, could cause major delays down the track.

Would you find it helpful to know:

  • If an Injured Worker is likely to follow their rehabilitation plan?
  • Whether they have effective stress management strategies?
  • How much the injured worker values their work?
  • Whether they are likely to notice opportunities as they arise?
  • How likely it is they will get ‘stuck’ in the rehabilitation process?