A values based assessment tool

Have you ever hired someone who seemed great on paper and interviewed well but turned out to be a major headache?

We work with your current recruitment process to add in another layer of selection using customised Judgment Index™ reports.

Interviews and resumes only account for 34% of the predicted work performance and this is assuming the interview was highly structured with clear, goal defined questions.

Our reports identify critical factors such as:

  • Resilience
  • Trainability and Following Directions
  • Reliability
  • Stress Management Skills
  • Strategic ability
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Level of effective decision making
  • Organisational ability
  • Self-care
  • Likelihood of a workplace injury
  • Plus more…

How the Judgment Index fits with your current recruitment processes

The Judgment Index can stand alone as the only assessment tool or be used in conjunction with other tools your business are currently using.

Step 1:
Assess your top performers to create a cultural and values baseline

Step 2:
We run a 2 hour information session for management and HR to explain how the Judgment Index works.

Step 3:
Provide the JI link to candidates as they apply for roles. The specific report for your company will be emailed directly to your nominated contact upon completion. Reports can include values and behavior based interview questions to help the interviewer.

The interviewer can use the results of the assessment to ‘peel back the layers’ of the candidate and begin to truly understand their values and whether they align with the values of the organisation.

The report also provides areas the candidate could improve on, which allows the organisation to evaluate and approach development if they decide to go ahead with recruitment. This allows the organisation an insight into what could get in the way of the candidate performing in their new role to enable a structure support program to be developed.

Customised Industry and Role specific reports

Through decades of comprehensive use and research we have developed industry and role specific reports to help companies decipher who the right person is for the role.

We are also able to create a customised report for your company based on the values you know are at the core of your organisation.


What are the risks to your company in hiring the wrong person? The financial cost of turnover or the potential cost of an injury or incident with a patient.

Healthcare recruitment provides an in depth look beyond references and resumes to ensure you are getting the true picture of a candidate. Our specialized Nursing and Aged Care reports identify:

  • Who will notice when a resident is having difficulties
  • Who is likely to follow medication directions accurately
  • Who can handle stressful situations in the workplace
  • Who is likely to do the right thing when no one is watching
  • Who is likely to take time off in the first 2 weeks of employment

A recent collaboration between Judgement Index UK and Article Consulting identified the characteristics of the managers of ‘Outstanding’ Care homes in the UK. The full article can be found here

  • Managers had a ‘balanced’ profile across people, work/task and strategy
  • 75% of managers assessed scored as extremely capable in Problem Solving
  • 100% of managers were strong in noticing, intuition and general sensitivity
  • Most managers at risk of future burnout (poor stress scores) and would benefit from support and development to prevent this
  • 85% of managers of outstanding care homes had the strongest possible score in following directions
  • 100% of managers scored in the healthy range for self-criticism

It takes 12 positive customer service experiences to fix just ONE negative and that depends on your customer sticking around!  Your customers are the lifeblood to your organisation so it makes sense to ensure the people they are dealing with are representing your brand appropriately.

Our customer service reports will identify:

  • Who is going to go above and beyond for your customer
  • Who can handle difficult customers and keep their cool
  • Who is likely to complete the paperwork required
  • Who will think beyond the immediate moment and create other opportunities
  • Who can turn around a bad experience for a customer and turn them into a raving fan

Keeping the right staff in a Call Centre is tough!  Shift work, difficult customers, high targets and ever reducing budgets can cause a lot of strain within a team.

The Judgment Index Call Centre report will show you:

  • Who can handle regular change
  • Who is likely to manage their self-care outside of work so that when they are at work they can perform to the optimum level
  • Who will turn difficult callers into happy customers
  • Who is likely to see the Call Centre as a career and be your next business leader

Don’t just put your high performer into a supervisor role because they can do their own job well. Develop a structured pathway

  • Who can see the bigger picture and make decisions that will help their team move towards the vision
  • Who will be able to put their people first but also consider the needs of the business
  • Who can make strong decisions quickly
  • Who can provide mentoring to underperforming staff and be supportive during performance management
  • Who will do the right thing


The application of the Judgment Index goes further than just a hiring tool. The results can change over time, which allows the organisation to tailor development to individual employees. With new staff it allows the organisation to see where they may need development in the future and where they may struggle and require more support in their role. With existing staff members, the tool allows the organisation to look across the entire team to address collective issues and stressors to deal with them effectively.

Using the Judgment Index extensively across the organisation can provide insight deeper than any employee survey. The tool allows an organisation to identify those staff members who may be stressed, unfulfilled, under appreciated and restless, which enables the organisation to address, critical issues and ensure the business retains the lifeblood it needs to succeed.