Your employees are the key to your business’s success

Recruitment and retention of quality staff is what will decide whether your business succeeds or fails. Your organization is as good as the people you select. But it’s not just about recruiting the very best; it’s imperative that a successful business retains its best staff too. Successful recruitment and retention is not just about identifying what skill sets, qualifications or experience a potential or existing employee has on paper. That is important but beyond this, it’s about how you can get an insight into other equally important factors such as judgment under pressure, decision making, common sense, and other previously un-measurable key characteristics.

Recruitment – What’s Behind The Mask?

A potential employee can have all the right attributes on paper, but it’s almost or impossible to get a full picture of their judgment capabilities from a resume interview, which will be crucial in how valuable they prove to be to your organization. Seeing beyond qualifications, experience, understanding the values and decision-making capabilities of candidates. These require a different type of insight that has traditionally been very difficult to previously measure.

Retention & Engagement – Keeping The Lifeblood Of Your Business Flowing

Equally important is the retention of staff that adds real value to your operations. Through identifying those staff members who possess great judgment, may be stressed, unfulfilled, under-appreciated and, crucially, restless, you can ensure your business retains the lifeblood it needs to succeed.

The Judgment Index™ Can See Beyond The Personality

The Judgment Index™ is a world-renowned assessment tool based on science, mathematics, and logic. It provides businesses with genuine and quantifiable insights into the judgment and decision making capabilities of both prospective and existing employees. Born from the work of Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Robert S. Hartman, the Judgment Index™ allows employers to clearly identify the values that are important to existing and prospective employees, and through this can accurately assess their capacity for good judgment.

Begin Improving Your Retention Today

By harnessing the power of the Judgment Index™, you could begin making immediate improvements in the recruitment decisions regarding the clearly skilled staff you are interviewing. In addition, by using the Index to understand and improve the judgment capabilities of existing staff, and crucially, to identify whether their value system means they are happy in their job or not, you can ensure you don’t lose the most precious component in your ongoing success – your staff.

Learn how you can use the Judgment Index™ Tool in your business

The Judgment Index can stand alone as the only assessment tool or be used in conjunction with other tools your business are currently using. Providing the JI link to your candidate during the recruitment process can assist in determining if they are suitable for the role and company environment. Once hired, the report can be used as an engagement tool during the induction and performance processes to enhance learning and development.