Risk Management and Safety Profiles

risk managementWorkplace injuries are estimated to cost $60 billion per year in Australia with most injuries caused by human error, including failure to follow processes or safety recommendations.

Through ongoing research and development we have identified specific factors which increase a person’s risk of having an accident in the workplace. This information can be utilised to develop customised safety training programs for at-risk staff or pro-active management through the current recruitment process to identify potential applicants who may be more of a risk to your company.

Our Risk Management and Safety profiles identify:

  • Who is able to handle stress effectively within the workplace. Effective stress management has been proven to reduce risk within the workplace
  • Who might notice a hazard and alert the appropriate people
  • Who is likely to follow your company policies and procedures
  • Who will display common sense in the workplace and behave appropriately

Safety and risk management failures are most often the result of human failures, however, it can be challenging for an organisation to recognise what makes one person more susceptible to risk than another. The concept of analysing stress and wellness to predict risk has synergy across any environment where there is risk and this also includes security of assets and people.

With the Judgment Index™ it is possible to identify those who are at a higher risk of a workplace accident and can be used to measure both current and potential employees.