Would you like to know who has leadership potential in your organisation?

Would you like to become a better leader yourself? Learn how to coach or mentor others? Or learn how to thrive rather than survive?

When it comes to leadership development the Judgment Index™ targets four main areas:

1. Discovering the Leadership Potential of Job Applicants

Recruitment can be challenging for employers and human resource professionals – especially when it comes to finding someone for a leadership role. It is easy for candidates to look attractive on paper, however their leadership capabilities are extremely difficult to determine at this stage of recruitment. The Judgment Index allows HR departments to scientifically determine whether a candidate will be able to successfully lead a team by identifying their values and capacity for good judgement. The tool also allows a HR department to determine whether the candidate may have the potential to develop leadership skills and move into a leadership role in the future. As a result, more positions than ever are being filled with the right people.

2. Professional Development

Providing professional development and career progression in an organisation are vital to maintaining a motivated and productive workforce. The Judgment Index allows the organisation to identify which employees in a team are capable of progressing their leadership skills. After identifying suitable employees for leadership training, achievable goals can then be set and a suitable professional development plan put in place.

3. Mentoring and Coaching

Where this is conducted internal to the organisation or through an executive JI coach, the Judgement Index reports identify areas of development. In our experience, mentoring should focus on the specific improvement of judgements that will enhance individual growth and organisational impact of new mentees as they are given the opportunity to move up in an organization.
Unfortunately, we have found that most mentoring programs—while well-intended—are randomized, unfocused, and do not always fulfil their potential in a meaningful and productive way. Too often, mentors and mentees are “matched” without regard to who can really be of
most benefit to whom. We will look for weak points in mentee judgement indicators, and match these up specifically with strong points in mentor indicators. This process takes the randomization out of the overall program, and makes it very specific to encouraging help based on a mentor’s strength.

4. Becoming a better leader

Every person makes decisions on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is choosing which groceries to buy or which book to read, all involve making decisions and decisions that have a direct impact on our lives. Everyone has different decision making capabilities and strengths. The Judgment Index measures decision-making skills and identifies where improvements can be made. Basically the way we see it, if you can measure it, you can improve it. The Judgment Index will allow you and employees in the organisation to see where strengths lie and which areas need work and improvement to become a better leader.