Broadening Talent Pools and Retaining Great People JIAU

Petrina Scott is the Director of Judgment Index and also the National Business Development and Retention Manager for ORS Group. During this webinar she will share with you her journey of using a values-based approach and other strategies, which she can attest to, provided the foundation for retaining great people.


Petrina is passionate about helping businesses save time and money by helping them build the right workforce. Having been in senior management positions, she has experienced first-hand the heavy workload that constant recruiting and mismanagement of poor performers can cause. In 2016 Petrina’s turning point came through the Judgment Index, which was introduced at the ORS Group and proved able to accurately shortlist candidates who were a great cultural fit.


Petrina has had over 15 years’ experience working with individuals with disabilities, injuries and health conditions, as well as other forms of disadvantage, and helping them to achieve their personal and employment goals. Whilst working with ORS, Petrina managed multiple programs, services and projects; as well as developing and training staff, through values measurement, to exceed program and client expectations.

In this session, we will explore the fundamental principles and best practices that underpin effective leadership, recruitment, and development.

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