How it works

The Judgment Index™ in sport is used to recognise decision making and problem solving skills that, if underdeveloped, may lead to high levels of stress, athlete burnout or poor game day behaviour. The idea of this is to identify the issue before it begins to affect the performance of the athlete. By identifying the issues early, actions can be taken to support the athlete and prevent future problems.

What the Judgment Index can measure in sport:

  • Stress management skills in both sporting and personal situations
  • Wellbeing and capacity for self-care
  • Energy levels and their likelihood of burnout
  • Trainability
  • Decision making under stress or during competition
  • Team cohesion
  • Player coach relationships

The Judgment Index reports have also successfully been used for coaches, trainers and support staff to effectively develop a strong and cohesive playing group.

Our reports are able to be used from 15 years of age and are suitable for use in development squads or high performance youth athletes wanting to develop their personal judgement and decision making within their sport.

Some of our work in sport

TAC Cup (Northern Knights Australia)– Worked with a group of talented footballers to identify and develop them for further football success in conjunction with Judgment Index Australia developed resilience program. A number of players from that group have subsequently moved into AFL level.

College Football (US) – A number of College football teams have been able to successfully move from a struggling side through to an elite level through Judgment Index involved from player level through to senior executives. The Judgment Index was essentially able to measure the values of each group to form a cohesive working environment.

England Rugby (UK) – The Judgment Index has been used for recruitment at all levels from senior executives through to development managers.

Navy Rugby (UK) – The Judgment Index was utilised to provide an analysis and development programme for the coaching staff highlighting both specific individual and team needs.  As a result of this development program, the Navy finally beat their rivals, The Army.

Golf – the Judgment Index is used to support elite player and coaching staff development. This has included profiling over 200 players against capability frameworks especially designed for player and coach development.

Power lifting – The Judgment Index was used to identify performance barriers for a talented power lifter who was not realising her potential.  From the information gained performance interventions were designed and implemented with the performer subsequently becoming a World Champion.

USA Ryder cup (Paul Azinger team) – Screened players to support team cohesion.